GARY KRÜGER, Standstill

Städtisches Museum Engen + Galerie
5.April – 26.Mai 2019

Introductory speech, Dr. Andreas Gabelmann, art historian

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Rosto objects and the uniting in chaos

The title of the exhibition with works by Gary Krüger in the Bürgerhaus Büsingen is “Networks.” Admire astonishingly confusing images in an extravagant technique – and also aesthetic challenges

Jörg Riser, Schaffhauser Nachrichten, 16.06.2012

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Networks and Rope Layers

The Kunstforum Büsingen presents works by painter, graphic artist and photographer Gary Krüger

Andreas Gabelmann, Südkurier, 16.08.2012

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Noble Printed

Photogravure in artistic intaglio

Susanne Kohlheyer, Graphische Kunst, Heft 1/2011

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Remembering 9/11

Through the Eyes of a Printmaker

Edited by Robert Viana, Naples, Florida, 2007



Coloured Chaos without Names

“Grid Paintings”, Gary Krüger, Baumgarte Gallery, until 16 July

Neue Westfälische, 2005

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Tips & Picks

Gary Krüger

NY ARTS Magazine, 2004



The painter Gary Krüger calls for communication with the picture

Gary Krüger, “Untitled”

Maike Horst, Donaukurier, 1997

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